Inter-RACE Relationship Coach and Mentor

Coach and Mentor for Relationships, Money and Life

For Couples That Love Inter-RACIALLY

If you are here I'm assuming you are either in a relationship, or are thinking of entering a relationship with another person of a different race and/or culture.  

About myself.  I've been happily married in an interracial marriage living in the South for over 25 years.   Everyone's situation is different, but I can honestly say we have not had problems between the two of us that dealt with race.   If there was ever an issue and only a few in 25 years, it had to do with someone outside of our relationship.   

When my husband and I met and decided to be a couple, we made the decision that it would be us against the world, if need be. We have continued to think that way.   We have a daughter in college, own a couple of homes, have worked together from home for over 17 years and live debt free.   We do not have a perfect relationship, but we have a happy, loving and very satisfying relationship.   

What We Do?
We coach and mentor couples that love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.   We help couples navigate love, marriage and success in their relationshippersonal finances, and life.

What Makes Us Unique
My husband is White and Asian.   I am Black.   I'm seven years older than him.   We have worked together in business full-time since 2000.   We paid off our first home in less than five years making less than $50,000.   We have paid off our current home after selling our consulting business in July 2017.   We live a debt-free lifestyle, which includes no mortgage, credit cards, car payments, or student loans.   We love each other deeply, wholeheartedly, and genuinely have the heart, desire and experience to help other interracial relationships be successful and happy in love, work and play.   Our heart is to coach and mentor interracial couples, but we will work with other couples that we feel we can help.

We Provide Coaching to:

  • Improve communication 
  • Navigate through personality issues and roadblocks
  • Deal with in-law and out-law challenges
  • Live debt-free and learn how to create sustainable wealth in unity
  • Start a business and work together based on strengths and weaknesses
  • Build a lasting love and healthy love relationship
  • Be a united team at home, work, play and in parenting
  • Help you in whatever area you feel you need to get your relationship on track, whole and stay united 

Being in an interracial relationship isn't really about race.   It is about two people in love, attracted to each other, different, but share many similar values, morals and character traits that can make a relationship work.   

We are here to help make your relationship stronger, healthier and lasting.   Call us to learn more at 770-966-5236.

It's About Compatibility...

Not Race.