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Do you have hopes and dreams?  Hi, my name is Sharman.   Like you, I've always had hopes and dreams, and each and every day my motivation has been to reach my goals.  I'm thankful and feel blessed in that I've been able to reach most of my goals, thus far.  In other words, I have been able to live with no regrets.  I'm thankful I've been able to travel, have lived in six states, been in lower-level jobs, executive positions, owned businesses, made a little money and made a lot.  I married the wrong first husband and left.  Thankfully, I've been married over 26 years to the man I hoped and prayed for, and I can truly and honestly say I'm happy and living my best life ever in this season.  I'm not bragging, but just speaking the God's honest truth.

My question to you is, are you living with regrets?  In this season of your life are you living your best life ever?   Do you have roadblocks or have regrets on decision made or didn't make?  Don't you know your hopes and dreams are waiting on you to take action?  Change isn't change until you change.   That means something in you, your life and behavior has to change.   Life is a journey, so be sure to enjoy the journey while trying to reach your destination.

I know this may sound like a cliché, but I really can help you move forward.  I literally enjoy being a resource to assist others towards reaching their goals.  When others are happy, I feel fulfilled.  What a blessing to see people experience hope and joy when they open themselves up, get out of a box and move pass their fears.  Then they can see their purpose and vision clearer to reach their goals.   I've been able to help many eliminate mental road blocks that held them back from living and experiencing their best life. 

I want to help you rewrite your life's story.

What I Do?
I help you identify the cause, discover the WHY and move pass the obstacle(s) that has been holding you hostage.  It's time to break free.   If you don't break free, life will just pass you by.  It's time to stop being paralyzed by fear.   There is something you were put on this earth to do and accomplish.   You will never feel whole, complete or fulfilled until you discover your purpose and do it.  In order to move towards your life's purpose you need your lifefinances and relationships on point.  Meaning, those three areas cannot be in chaos.  I would love to help you straighten things out and get on track.  Let's do it. 

We Partner and Work as a Team:
The number one goal should be finding a coach you trust.  Also, hire a coach you feel 100% comfortable with in character, personality, attitude and values.   I am transparent.  Please read through my website thoroughly.  In reading you will get a sense of my heart, compassion, and my straight-forward honesty.  Those characteristics and traits are needed with a coach.  Yes, I will hold you to the fire when it comes to keeping you on track and accountable to your agenda and goals.  I am compassionate, but also a no-nonsense coach that keeps your session honest, real and moving forward.

How I Do It?
Our coaching sessions are weekly and sometimes bi-weekly via phone, skype or email.  We connect through conversation, weekly assignments and by discovering your strengths, being honest about your weaknesses, finding your truth, accepting and speaking your full potential into existence.

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Thank you so much for helping us out this morning!  You were fantastic!  I really got a lot out of the call and know the listeners will, too.  It’s timely information for me because we had a couple investment properties tank this year and we’re at that point of having to make some serious decisions about how and where to go from here. ~ L.H. - Maine

There was such a weight lifted today, I feel like I can go forward now. ~ L.M. - Georgia

Thank you so much Sharman for this new start!    We are energized and completely on a mission.  ~ V.P. - Massachusetts