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About Us

I met my husband in 1992 after moving from the Caribbean.   I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest; have also lived in California, Atlanta, Florida and Washington State, just because I wanted to.   No, I was not in the military and I did not travel for business.   I lived every place I wanted to live and I have no regrets.   I first saw and met my husband at bible study.   For five months we saw each other from a distance at church, but were casually dating other people.  On Good Friday I saw him at an Easter play.   He hung around me and wouldn't leave and asked me out for yogurt after the play.   The next day he asked me to a picnic at the park.   On Easter he asked me to attend church with him.   That evening, three days after our first date, he came over to my apartment that evening and asked me to marry him.   I said yes, and we got married seven months later.

I am from the Pacific Northwest.  I come from a large black family (eight kids and my two parents) that have many interracial relationships both in the United States and internationally, which includes my sister and I.   My grandparents were married for 72 years and my parents have been married over 59 years.   My parents are still happily married and in love with each other.   I have never heard my parents argue or even really disagree.   My father has a bachelor's degree and my mother has a master's degree.   My parents never really made a lot of money, but they were frugal.   I grew up in a low-income, but very racially mixed community.  The home I was raised in was paid off in my senior year of high school.  My mom and I started college on the same day.   I was 18 and she was 40 years old.   She finished in six years and became an urban planner with her master's degree.   I never finished college, but have been successful as a financial coach, consultant and business owner.   I've written a book teaching people how to live debt-free, audio MP3 recordings teaching people how to grow wealth; I am frugal and smart with money.   I have been a certified coach for 10+ years and a certified human behavior consultant for 14+ years.  My love language is generosity.   I am generous with knowledge, information and being a resources to others.

My Husband
My husband was born in California and raised in Georgia.   He was a foster child that was put up for adoption at 19 months old.   He was adopted at 3 1/2 years of age by a couple that had been married for 20 years and disliked each other.   They adopted him and his two year old biological brother.   Even though he and his brother are Asian and half white, his adopted white parents changed their birth certificates to say white.   His world started out a little confusing.   He didn't feel much love and acceptance in his new home, which made him very angry.   His parents both worked at a telecommunications company; his mother for 46 years and his father for 27 years.   He grew up in a mostly all white, swim/tennis community and they were members of an all-white country golf club.   His father was extremely racist and referred to people of color using negative terms.  His father was an alcoholic and his mother was co-dependent.   They were married 40 years.   Neither of his parents had college degrees, but they were very frugal, saved and accumulated wealth over time.   Even though my husband's father probably didn't learn to love all black people, my husband’s father genuinely loved me until his death.  My husband's father passed away in 1995.  My husband has a degree in education and is very knowledgeable when it comes to technology, which has helped us in our business.  My husband's love language is serving, supporting and giving.   He is always thinking of how to support and love me more.

We are the parents of a 20 year old daughter that is strong, confident, knows who she is and is proud of all parts of her ethnicity.

Our Goal
To mentor and coach other interracial couples to create and build their loving and sustainable relationship, marriage and lifestyle they've always wanted.

Our Mission
To be authentic, honest and coach others with transparency, openness and with the highest of integrity.

There is no need to feel a certain "weird" way, or that no one can understand your situation or relationship.   We all have a story, but we want to make sure you have a happy ending.   Call us at 770-966-5236 or email us at


It's About Character...

Not Race.