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About Me

I love helping people.  I love sharing my journey and stories, because it shows people that all things are possible.  I've never made the highest income, been the most educated or had the biggest professional titles.  However, none of those things stopped me from accomplishing my goals.  At birth, I’m told, I came out confident.   I walked at seven months old.   My mom always told me she never had to worry about me, because she knew I would always be able to take care of myself.  By the grace of God she was right.  I started my career as a clerk, have been a vice president, business owner and have sold a business.  I came from a low-income middle class working environment.  I went to private and public schools.  Since leaving home at 20 years old I’ve lived in six different states, by choice.  I've been divorced once, and have been happily married to my soulmate for over 26 years.  What I have found that my greatest joy in life is helping people overcome life’s roadblocks, improve and succeed in life.  I love being a resource, educating and guiding people towards their hopes and dreams.  Honestly, when clients accomplish their goals I get more excited than them.   

My Professional Experience Includes

  1. Certified Coach and Certified Human Behavior Consultant 
  2. Author of the Book and E-Book "12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever"
  3. Working with clients between ages 23 to 80, different social economic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and religions 
  4. Appearing in Money Magazine for Women, The Oregonian, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Atlanta Alive, Good Day Northwest and other print, television and radio media
  5. Speaker for various companies, churches and nonprofits throughout the country

My Personal Experience Includes

  1. Married for over 26 years with one daughter
  2. Live debt free and financial independent lifestyle -- a minimalist 
  3. Practicing integrity, honesty and authenticity 24/7 -- 365 days a year

Sharman's Bio:
Sharman G. Lawson has over 20 years of experience as a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer,  and is a known subject matter expert in various industries.  Sharman is originally from the Pacific Northwest and has lived and worked in six states throughout her life, which includes Oregon, California, Georgia, Florida, and Washington.   She has also lived in Puerto Rico.  Sharman is transparent, authentic, honest and lets you know success in life isn't based on your education, title, position or the amount of money you make.  Success comes by believing in yourself.  Stepping out in faith.  Trusting God.  Believing the impossible is possible.  Most importantly it's knowing that going after your purposepassion and dreams are so much better than all the things you sacrifice to get there.   It's about having a vision and wanting change enough to make a change.  

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It's About Character...


Integrity and authenticity.

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altFinancial freedom is available to everyone.   It isn't based on who we know or how much money we make.  It's a result of a change in our thoughts, habits and behavior with money.   Living debt free is not just for the rich and famous!  Sharman and her husband paid off their first home in less than five years by living a life of simplicity and debt-free living.  They started educating, training and planting the vision in others soon after.

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