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I would be honored to be your coach.  I believe that each person offers a unique contribution to the world.  I will be your guide and supporter while you discover, develop and grow.  Whether you are being coached for relationship challenges, personal finances, business or life, we are a team.  We’re partners.  Using my coaching program we will accomplish more together than you will alone.

My Clients are Amazing People
My clients are intelligent, alive, kind, successful, well people whom are a genuine blessing to serve.  I will enjoy working with you.

The Roles of Coach and Client
The role of coach and client is as peers.  I am a trained professional coach not a licensed therapist, and do not attempt to provide diagnosis or treatments.  I will tell you what I want for you, but our coaching relationship is about your agenda always, not mine.  I listen, reflect, ask questions, give perspectives, and options.  I support you to find and foster your integrity and believe that you always know what is best for you.

As my client, I ask you to show up fully prepared and present for each session, pay attention to what has heart and meaning, tell the truth without blame or judgment and be open to outcome rather than attached to outcome.  I will do the same.

I Expect Your Best
If you are hiring me I imagine that you are ready to make meaningful changes inside and out.

I Am Here for You
Our relationship is top priority for me.  I ask that you use me as the resource and friend that I am.

Extra Time
Those on our coaching program, if you need to ask questions, tell your story, bounce some ideas around, please email our office in between scheduled coaching sessions.  I do not bill for this time, but please keep emails to no more than three per week outside of sessions, if possible.

Please share with me your stories, your wins, disappointments, anything you like, as well as your coaching experience.  I want to know what works as well as what does not.  I am committed to serving you.

I Don’t Miss Much
If I hear something in your voice or notice something is amiss, I’m likely to ask about it.  Often, it is the small important moments that bring about BIG shifts.

I ask clients to stretch themselves by deepening the work done in and away from the sessions.  This may be done by writing, taking action, doing an exercise; resolving relationships or things that have been left incomplete.  You are free to accept or decline.  Negotiate for what is right for you.  Please come prepared to create something that is right and will work for you.

Ways You Can Get More From Your Coaching Experience

  • Make our coaching sessions a priority.  Come to each call with a specific agenda.  Take time to come relaxed and ready to talk.
  • Co-create the process to suit you.
  • Do your own work between sessions.  Use what you learn.  Complete what you agree to do.
  • Be open minded.  Try new approaches.  Experiment.
  • Get to know yourself as you are now, and ask yourself to change to become who you want to be.
  • Imitate the behavior you admire.
  • Stop tolerating. Stop suffering.
  • Tell the truth to yourself, to everyone.
  • Be willing to change your beliefs if they do not serve you anymore.

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Client Testimony

God bless you!  I really appreciate your help, encouragement and guidance that you have given me in that short unexpected call.  I didn't really know what to expect when I called you, but it seem like a heaven sent situation.  I was really starting to feel at my very lowest and the simple call to you was a wake up call.  I will surely purchase your book. ~ G.Parker