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I know for a fact in order to obtain wealth it does not matter how much money you make, your title or education.   Accumulating wealth is based on how much money you keep, save and grow.  I've personally coached clients making $600,000 that were completely broke, living paycheck-to-paycheck and deeply in debt.  On the other hand, I’ve had clients making less than $30,000 that were better off than the “so called” wealthy. Debt can bring shame, anxiety and fear every waking moment of the day and give sleepless nights.  Whether you work a job or own a business, financial freedom from debt boils down to having lifestyle habits that entail living below your means, not accumulating debt, earning, saving and investing in income producing investments.   

How We Paid Off Our First Home in Less Than Five Years.
When my husband and I met we had very little.  I met my husband on Good Friday and two days later he asked me to marry him, on Easter Sunday.  My husband wasn't even making $8.00 an hour.   I was making around $12.00 an hour.  We met in April and got married seven months later, in November.  We got married at the justice of peace, lived in an apartment for eight months and purchased our first home in exactly eight months of being married.  We both had common financial dreams and goals.  We house-hacked our new home over 25 years ago, before I ever heard that term.   I saw people renting out rooms when I lived in California and Puerto Rico, and knew I wanted to do that when I owned a home.  To make a long story short, we purchased a three story home with five bedrooms and three full baths.  We lived on the second floor and rented each room separately on the third level and the basement level.  Both my husband and I worked full-time jobs.  I also taught people how to learn software in the evenings and weekends.  We lived on one salary and saved and invested the other salary.   The rental income we put directly on the mortgage, paying extra principal payments.  Any extra income and raises we received we put directly on the mortgage as extra payments.  We gave away one car and went down to one car to save on gas, maintenance and insurance.  We cooked more and went out less.  Instead of going out to fancy restaurants for birthdays and anniversaries we had nice dinners at home.  My husband started writing me poems as a gift, and still today each and every birthday and anniversary he surprises me with an original poem.  At exactly five years of aggressively paying extra principal payments, our first house was paid off in less than five years.  No, we did not make close to six-figures.  All we had was a dream, goals and the desire to meet our financial goals.  We did it.

Earn, Save and Invest Your Way to Wealth.
My husband and I together have owned and operated many different types of businesses over the years.  I can honestly say owning a business has been the best way for us to create and build wealth.  Also, having multiple streams of unrelated income has helped tremendously, too.  My husband and I have worked together in home based businesses for over 18 years.  We lived and survived through good and bad economies.  We never gave up, because we had a dream.  Sometimes we had to adjust the plan, delay it, or change the plan.   However, the dream and the goal never changed.  Financial freedom and independence has been the driving factor from day one.  In 2010, after still feeling the effect of the great recession, we came up with a new plan and business idea.  The business started to take off in 2013 and in 2017 we were able to sale one of our businesses.  Selling our business allowed us to pay off another home, fund our retirement and stop working.  In just three years we were able to accumulate enough wealth to stop working by saving 40-50% of our income and by the sale of our business.  Our lifestyle involves no debt, living below our means and having income producing investments.  Now, my husband is getting his MBA and I've decided to do what I love, which is starting another business.   I help people go after their dreams by improving their life, finances and relationships.  If we can achieve financial independence you can too.

Get financial "peace."
If you are tired of spinning your wheels financially, do something about it.  If your financial situation is causing you worry, health issues and make you lose sleep at night, do something about it.  If your financial challenges are causing relationship issues, fix it.   Financial peace comes when you decide you’re sick and tired of financial chaos. 

Here is the bottom line, if you do not have a plan to change and improve your finances, your situation will not change.  I'm not talking to everyone, but I may be talking directly to you.

You are not getting any younger.  Stop talking about what you want to change, but not making any steps to really change your financial situation.  So 5, 10, 20 years will come and go, where will you be at financially?   What will your life look like?   Will you be one of those people acting like a victim, but without excuse because you knew better?   Do something about your finances.   Make steps to get financial peace.  Free your mind and start working towards financial freedom.

Life is way too short.  If you need accountability, guidance and coaching to meet your financial dreams and goals, Call:  770-966-5236. 

It's About Change...

Thank you so much Sharman for this new start!  We are energized and completely on a mission. 
V.P. - Massachusetts

Just wanted to let you know that I am finally debt-free. I attended one of your seminars a little over a year ago, and made up my mind that I was going to get out of debt. I am truly thankful for all of the wonderful tips. Now, I'm looking into investing some money.  
T.L. - Florida

I was at the debt-free living presentation.  I was impressed with your message and your professionalism. 
 K.G. - Oregon

Just a little update.   I have yet again had the opportunity to pass the information about living debt free to a friend of mine.  As for me, I am happy to say that I will be closing on my first home in March thanks to our ministry.  I will   be in touch soon.  
W.K. - Georgia

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