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Real Love Knows No Color

After 25 years of being in an interracial marriage I can truly say that race in the relationship does not have to matter.   My husband and I do not have a perfect relationship, but a very good one.   Like any other couple we can get on each other's nerves, have disagreements and at times feel like we do not like each other.   That can happen in any relationship.   It doesn't mean the relationship is doomed, and usually those emotions and feelings aren't even based on race.   Like most people couples may have challenges and issues, because of miscommunication, personality differences, financial, spiritual and character issues.   Those issues can be present regardless of color, economics and region.  That is why it is important to talk often, honesty and be authentic with each other.   Sometimes the conversations can be very painful, but necessary.

The truth is interracial relationships will not survive long-term if it is based on fascination with race and sex.  The reality, in some circumstances, one party may have to give up everything to be with the other person. If you want a loving lasting relationship keep the same standards you would for a same-race relationship – good character, integrity, honesty, trust and loyalty. In a mixed union you must be very comfortable in your own skin, not care what others say or think, and be bold enough to love differently.

How we help you:
We work with dating, engaged and married couples to overcome relationship struggles and challenges by creating open dialogue that is transparent, honest and non-judgmental.  The goal of our coaching sessions and program is to build sustainable long-term united relationships.  Our coach acts as a guide, advocate and mentor.

After 25+ years in an interracial marriage, I can say love regardless of color is sweet and gets sweeter as the days go by.

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